L’Eroica: Chianti’s retro bike race

L’Eroica bike race is something really traditional and truly unique. Imagine to cycle on gravel roads with a vintage bike in the wonderful landscapes of Chianti. The name literally means “the heroic”, and that’s precisely how it feels…

L’Eroica was first held in 1997 with the aim of saving Tuscan crushed gravel tracks from being replaced with asphalt. So the race was born for a “romantic” purpose strictly connected to the territory and today it is an example of appreciation of the environment, sustainable lifestyle and “clean” cycling.

But there is more. L’Eroica has also a wine and food tradition, with lavish buffets of beef stew, jam tarts, other dishes of the Tuscan tradition and gallons of Chianti wine at the food stops. Only 5000 cyclists can participate to the retro bike race and they can choose between four different paths: 38 kilometres, 75 kilometres, 135 kilometres, 205 kilometres.

There is a strict regulations for this bike race and participation. If you don’t have the possibility to do L’Eroica race on October 2 don’t worry: you can ride on the marked roads of the 205 kilometres circuit every day of the year! This path is opened to all, it can be completed either in one or more days in any period of the year for anyone who wants to test their skills.

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